Decision by Net Proceeds Committee

  • All final funding decisions are made by CERT's net proceeds committee.

  • Grant applications found to be non-compliant will not be approved. In this context, "non-compliant" means grant applications that do not contain all the relevant information, are retrospective, where there is a conflict of interest, where it does not comply with the authorised purpose of CERT, or where there is information that the applicant has received funding from other source(s) for the full amount needed for the purpose applied for here.

Authorised Purpose

Grants will only be made in accordance with CERT's authorised purpose.
CERT's authorised purpose is:

CERT may make grants for authorised purposes as follows:

  • any charitable purpose;
  • any non-commercial purpose that is beneficial to the whole or a section of the community; and
  • promoting, controlling, and conducting race meetings under the Racing Act 2003, including the payment of stakes.

The above authorised purpose includes, but is not limited to grants for:

  • recognised appeal funds for the purpose of assisting with the recovery from the Christchurch earthquakes;
  • general public education; 
  • education scholarships (provided the students are selected in a fair and open manner after public advertising, and are overseen by a recognised educational authority or school board, and provided that they are limited to primary and secondary level);
  • the promotion of public amenities such as parks or museums;
  • supporting non-commercial emergency rescue services;
  • public sports facilities (e.g. a stadium) provided that the facilities are not used primarily for professional sport;
  • amateur sport; and
  • ground maintenance for amateur sporting facilities.

Grants will not be made for:

  • groups or individuals standing for an election to public office;
  • lobby groups or action/pressure groups (e.g. Greenpeace, or Sensible Sentencing Trust);
  • social events, e.g. school balls, family reunions, entertainment in pubs or clubs, sporting trips for supporters or spectators, or after match functions for sporting groups.
  • personal or commercial gain; 
  • professional sport; or
  • non-affiliated "social" sports clubs (such as corporate leagues).

Audit Requirement

Recipients of grant funding must return paid invoices and bank statements to CERT immediately the funds have been spent to complete the audit requirement.  If these funds were not spent for the appropriate purpose, Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust will request a refund of the full amount of the grant.  If a funding surplus exists, the surplus must be returned to CERT by cheque.

5. Where information is obtained by the net proceeds committee indicating that a grant recipient has received funding from other source(s) for the full amount needed for the purpose applied for here, the net proceeds committee will take reasonable steps to obtain a return of the money from the grant recipient.

Grant Forms

Grants will not be approved unless the application is on CERT's grant application form and includes:

  1. the applicant's name and contact details;
  2. the purpose of the applicant and the name and contact details (including a street address) of a contact person;
  3. specific reasons for the grant application;
  4. the total amount of money sought;
  5. evidence supporting the total amount sought (for example, competitive quotes for goods or services to be paid for by the grant);
  6. whether the applicant has applied for funds for the same specific purpose from another source;
  7. whether the applicant is registered for GST and, if so, its GST number;
  8. the applicant's bank account details;
  9. the application form must include space for CERT to record:
    1. the amount approved;
    2. the date of the approval;
    3. the cheque number or details of the direct debit;
    4. the grant number; and
    5. the signature of Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust's officer.


Grant applicants will be provided with reasons for CERT's decision if CERT decides to decline a grant application.


8. Complaints can be made to CERT's Managing Director by writing to the Trust. CERT will also advise complaints of their right to complain to the Department of Internal Affairs if they are unsatisfied with how their complaint has been dealt with.

CERT will forward a copy of all written complaints received to the Department of Internal Affairs for their information and advise the Department as to how the complaint has been dealt with.

Complaints about the conduct of Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust may also be made direct to the Secretary of the Department of Internal Affairs at:  P O Box 10-095, Wellington.

Grant Commitments – Multi-Year Grants

Grants shall only be made from available net proceeds.  However, grants may be made by instalments in one or more years, if the following conditions are met: 

  • the grant commitment must not exceed 4 years; and
  • the grant applicant must be made aware, on or before the time that the first instalment of the grant is paid, that payment of any future instalments of the grant is conditional on –

    • CERT continuing to hold a licence; and
    • CERT continuing to have available net proceeds; and
    • the specific authorised purpose for which the grant was made continuing to be lawful; and
  • each instalment of the grant must be re-confirmed by the net proceeds committee before payment; and
  • the grant applicant must provide the net proceeds committee with documentary evidence that previous instalments of the grant have been spent for their intended purpose; and
  • CERT must disclose the existence of multi-year grants it has entered into in its financial accounts and publish the details of its multi-year grants with its other grant information in a newspaper and on its website.

Subsequent instalments of multi year grants are made in principal, i.e. the existence of the future instalments is strictly conditional upon the above criteria being met.

Distribution Timing

A substantial portion of the net proceeds received during a financial year will be distributed to the community for authorised purposes on, at least, a quarterly basis.

All net proceeds received during a financial year will be distributed to the community for authorised purposes within three months following the end of that financial year.

Record Keeping

The following records shall be kept in a database format:

  1. The date the grant application was received;
  2. The date of the meeting/decision;
  3. The name and contact details of the grant applicant;
  4. The name and contact details of the person completing the grant application;
  5. The purpose of the grant;
  6. The amount of the grant;
  7. The cheque number or direct bank payment transaction details;
  8. Grant request ID number.

The grant application and all supporting information will be retained by Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust if the application is successful.  Where the application is declined, the application and all supporting information will be returned to the applicant group.


When a grant recipient is GST registered, a grant will only be made for the GST exclusive component. 

When a grant recipient is not GST registered, a grant may be made for the full GST inclusive cost of the good or service. 

Grant Influence - Section 113

CERT's venue key persons cannot have any input or influence in CERT's grant process.  Venue key persons are:

  • the venue manager (defined as the person responsible for supervising the gambling and venue personnel at a CERT class 4 venue and for banking the proceeds of class 4 gambling);

  • the venue personnel (defined as the persons who work at a CERT class 4 venue and whose work involves dealing with gambling equipment, gamblers, or the proceeds of gambling);

  • the venue operator (defined as the occupier of a CERT class 4 venue who owns the primary business at the venue);

  • the venue operator's directors, chief executive and senior manager;

  • any person who has a significant interest in the management, ownership, or operation of a venue operator; and

  • a person contracted to service CERT's gambling equipment.

Persons who have a significant interest in the management, ownership, or operation of a venue operator include:

  • people with a financial or ownership interest in the business operating at the venue, or the venue premises;

  • people with the power to make decisions that would normally be made by the directors, chief executive or senior management of the venue operator; and

  • people undertaking or being responsible for duties that are normally the responsibility of the venue manager (e.g. being responsible for the timely banking of gaming proceeds).

Venue key persons must not provide grant application forms to potential grant recipients.

Venue key persons cannot provide goods or services to CERT, apart from the services listed in their venue agreement.  For example, if a venue key person also had a photocopier business, the venue key person could not sell a photocopier to CERT. 

Venue key persons cannot provide goods or services to third parties and be paid from grant money which is derived from CERT.  For example, a venue could not provide catering services to a hockey club if the hockey club plans to use grant proceeds to pay for the food.

Venue key persons cannot be involved in decisions about who will provide goods or services to a third party, if payment is being made from grant money which is received from CERT.  For example, if a venue key person were also a committee member of a community organisation which received a grant from CERT, the person could not have any input as to which painter the community organisation employs, if the painter is to be paid from grant money.

Venue Key Persons Conflict of Interest Register

25. CERT shall have an internal system to check that the venue key person requirements are adhered to. All grant applications and quotes will be checked by CERT staff against a key person register. If any application is signed, supported or makes any reference to a venue key person the application will be declined. If any application indicates that a venue key person has assisted to obtain quotes or been involved in any decision as to how grant money will be spent, the grant will be declined. If the any application indicates that the venue key person will be providing goods or services to the grant recipient using the grant money, the grant will be declined.

CERT's grant application form will also require the applicant to formally declare that they will check that no payment will be made to any venue key person.  The declaration will state:

Organisation Declaration

We declare that:

  • The information provided in this application form is true and correct to the best of our knowledge.

  • We have the authority to make this application on behalf of the applicant.

  • This application has not been completed by a person who has any management or ownership interest in a CERT venue that hosts gaming machines ("a gaming machine venue key person").

  • When any grant money is obtained the persons who decide how that money is spent will not be Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust gaming machine venue key persons.

  • When any grant money is obtained a check will be undertaken and no payment will be made from grant money to any Christchurch Earthquake Recovery Trust gaming machine venue key person for any goods or service.

We (the undersigned) make a solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957. 

Recognised Appeal Funds

Recognised appeal funds such as the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund, The Red Cross – 2011 Earthquake Appeal and The Christchurch Earthquake Appeal (NZ Government) are exempt from some of the requirements of this policy.